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Happily Ever After Tails

The following are a few stories of our many successful adoptions!


We are celebrating one year since we adopted Dottie! Thank you for all your efforts. We are a very lucky family!

Dottie 1 Year


Duke's adoption has been finalized! He fits in perfectly with his two beagle buddies, one of which is his Mommy!
Here is a photo of Duke with his Mom.

Duke at Home

Butterscotch & Freckles

Cuddling is so GREAT!!

Butterscotch and Freckles


Living the good life!



After caring for 4 pups of her own, Bella is now the center of attention of 2 little girls. She is in Heaven!




Rufus (Now Tucker)

Tucker with her new big brother.



Dewey celebrated in style on his 2nd birthday!



Here is a beautiful photo of Lacy's 1st Birthday party!



Cooper, a Dalmation-Boxer mix, was adopted in June 2014 to the Rogers family. He's our forever awesome buddy!


Frankie (Formerly Francie)

Francie was adopted by the Ferdinand family in the Summer of 2011.


Lola (Formerly Karma)

Karma was adopted by the Palladino family in May 2013!



Major was adoped by the Bard family in July 2014!


Malia (formerly Rosie)

Malia was adopted by the Fisher family in July 2013!



Sweet Rex, from Texas, was adopted by the Schiestel family in January 2014. "We love him!"



Cody Peterson adopted his "amazing" dog Princess in July 2014 ... and she is doing great!

Princess 1

Princess 2


Nala has found her forever home!

Nala at Home



Olive was adopted by three generations of women living in the same home: a grandmother, a mom, and a 19-year-old daughter. "She's doing great! Barely barks at dogs outside, loves being around everyone. We had some fun with the sprinklers the other day. She's a riot! She knocked out a few screens when we first got her because she was so excited about the other dogs outside ... we were lucky she didn't jump! She's a wild one. But she truly completes us."

Olive 1

Olive 2

Olive 3


Happy Lab


Ladybug has adjusted quite well here, and her and Emmett get along really well! She likes the neighbor kids and they love her because she is so much calmer than Emmett. I have been working to teach her how to fetch, but she doesn't seem much interested and would rather have belly rubs. She is such a joy to have around and I just love her to pieces! Emmett is also very thankful to have a playmate.

Ladybug July 2

Ladybug 1

Ladybug 2


It took a village, as it always does, but we were able to save this little boy and get him to his forever home. Precious Cooper was adopted and this 8 week old lab mix will live a very happy life! Looks like Cooper is very happy with his forever family!



Miss Daisy is doing very well! She quickly adapted to our household. Daisy loves the 4 house rabbits, chickens, and when the grandbaby visits. Daisy now has free reign over most of the first floor and has a crate for a hiding/safe spot (she rarely is confined to the crate). She managed to quickly worm her way onto our bed and now sleeps there every night. She also enjoys our trips to the family cottage in the north woods and playing in the lake. We, and the extended family, love Daisy. To sum it up: Everyone loves Daisy, she eats premium food and vacations in the Wisconsin north woods!

Daisy in Yard

Daisy smelling the flowers

Zeus (Thor)

Thor (formerly Zeus) is living it up in his comfortable bed!



Here is Brownie's new happy family!

Brownie 1

Brownie 2

Brownie 3


Here is Diamond sleeping with her best friend and a very cuddly Chicago Teddy Bear!



Madison is chilling out at her new place!

Madison 1

Madison 2

Millie & Opal

Millie and Opal like the couch!

Millie Opal 1

Millie Opal 2


Pearl is enjoying her new home!



We wanted to give you an update on Ranger. He was neutered on November 11, 2013, and is doing great! He is over 60 pounds and is a total mama's boy. He knows sit, stay, give paw, and play dead, and he plays fetch and tug-o-war. He loves the barn and runs the arenas and jumps the horse jumps. He hangs out with his bestie, an Australian Cattle dog named Dakota. They like going to the dog park and Bass Pro Shop, plus the dog beach. He loves to go for a drive, because he always gets something. His favorite is a cup of Cool Whip from Starbucks. He got to carve his own pumpkin for Halloween this year and had a blast throwing it around! He is all around just a great dog! He loves rough housing with Matt and sleeps in bed with us, taking over most of the bed for himself. Just thought you might like to hear how he is doing!

Ranger Bass

Ranger Starbucks



Rueger loves his new home!

Rueger 01



Here is Lucy with her happy new family!


Here is Lucy chilling on the couch her new sister!

Lucy 2


Stella (formerly Pepper) is doing fantastic! It's as if she's been with us for years. Stella loves people! She enjoys being right by your side when we are home. She has "outgrown" her fear of men too. She is still a bit cautious, but warms up rather quickly. It's funny to see her outside staring at our tree outside hoping for Mr. Squirrel to come down and play. She can spend quite a while out there waiting for that squirrel! She truly is a perfect dog. Never done anything in the house, other than us finding her on the couch on occasion :). She loves to bring us a "treat" when we get home - whether that be someone's shoe, stuffed animal, or my slipper. Though she's never chewed them, just wants to thanks us for coming home, I suppose! We are so thankful she came into our lives ... we just love her!



Here is Blizzard, one of our seniors. He was fostered in the city and is now living in a high rise! This country dog is living the life! And the best part is, one of his daddies is a vet ... so he will get the best care ever!!



Our first happily ever after tail.  This is Shiloh, she is now enjoying her new family, and their big comfy couch. Thank you for giving her a fairy tail ending.


Josie with her happily ever after family.

Can you believe it?  Josie is tubing with her new family. What a life!!!!

Chocolate Mousse

Doesn't she look happy? This is Chocolate Mousse in her new yard.


Nanook at his furrever home.  He goes for runs, and gets played with all day long!


Sweet little Bambi with her new family. She is so happy :)


Brock, now known as Bacchus. The biggest lap dog you will ever see!!!


Angel and her new best friend Puck, snuggling together on the couch. They are BFF's forever!


Dixie happily playing in her new furrever home.


Fizzy with her new furry friend, and new Mom and Dad.


Buttercup, now named Butterfinger, bringing so much joy to her new family. How precious!


Rufus loves his new home, especially the couch!


Rufus also loves sitting in the sun.


Lucy 2

Lucy is doing great! She loves to tear up her toys, but what puppy doesn't? She has multiple friends she gets to play with every weekend and is enjoying life. We can't thank you guys enough!!!



CoCo is busy these days sitting on the family room sofa or on the back porch watching for squirrels; he can run fast, fast, fast and almost catches them!

Maxx is his forever buddy and the two of them love to play. Both have learned "take it outside boys" when they get too rowdy inside our house.

It's fun that such a hard working watch dog loves to cuddle and sleeps under a blanket. He’s taught me his barks and so far there is "I'm hungry," "come out to the backyard," and "someone walked by our home."

We just love him more and more each day!



Here is Naomi in her happy home with her favorite sleeping buddy!



Guinness is doing great! We love him so much. He is a spoiled guy! At 16 weeks, he weighs 35 pounds!



Here is Chloe! She has gotten so much bigger, and very protective of our home :-)


Here is Chloe swimming!



We adopted Penny, a Collie mix, as a 3-month old from Green Pup Shelter in November 2011. At the time, her name was Caramel. She's become such a great little dog! She actually never grew up, weighing in at just 10 pounds. I got a second dog this past June named Finn. He's a year old now, and the two of them are best friends. It's really crazy how close they've become, sleeping together and playing together all the time. Here's a picture of the two of them. (Penny's the smaller one.)



Abby enjoying the sun!



Bo in ParadeWe adopted Bo (a Westie) over a year ago from Green Pup Shelter and he is doing wonderfully well in our family!

He is happy, active, and well adjusted. We love him so dearly and he has been a perfect match for our family!


Bo Packers Fan

Bo Valentine

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