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Adult Dogs for Adoption

The following adult dogs are now available for adoption:

Note: The adult dog adoption fee is $250.00. Adult dogs are those aged 1 to 7 years old. This fee helps defer the cost of vaccinations and other medical needs. It also helps with food costs, and supplies.


Caramel is a one-year-old male Terrier/Lab mix. He was one of five puppies in a litter that came to Green Pup Shelter from Georgia. He has already been neutered and is current on vaccinations. He does great with other animals, people of all ages and sizes, and would be a fabulous addition to your family! He could be your best friend!





Ray, a Ray Plott Hound mix, is a happy-go-lucky boy ready for his forever home! He loves to play fetch and gets along very well with other dogs. He needs a home to play in ... how about yours?

Ray Running

Ray Couch

Ray Smile



Max is a small Beagle, approximately 2-years-old. He is neutered and weighs around 20 pounds. Someone dumped him at the lake. He is good with cats and other dogs. Meet Max today!


Max 2

Max is a 5-year-old Dachshund. He would love to live in a family where someone is home all day with him. He loves people and getting love ... he is a very sweet boy! Max is good around other dogs and young children 5 years and up. Max is overweight and would benefit from someone who is active.

Max 2


Maggie is a 2 to 3 year old Terrier mix who weighs about 20 pounds. She is a shy little girl! Maggie is good with other dogs, but prefers a home without children under 8 years of age. She is a lap dog, who loves belly rubs! Maggie is looking for her forever home!

Maggie 01

Maggie 02



Hercules is about one-year-old. He needs a special home, with lots of love. He does better with big kids, and submissive dogs. Hercules is not fond of cats. Please help this sweet boy find his forever home!



Hello my name is Nala, I would be so lucky to have you as my forever home. I'm a goofy bundle of joy and would make a great companion for your entire family! Nala hasn’t known many people who loved her as much as she loved them. Maybe she tries too hard. A lick on the hand, a cock of the head – she doesn’t even know she’s being cute. She’s just trying to say, "Thank you. Thank you for loving me back.” Nala is very well behaved as she knows commands such as sit, paw, down, and come. She is also a puppy with energy and loves to play with toys and naw on bones. Nala is great with others dogs and children, but is not real fond of cats. She can be a big lap dog just as much as a great playful companion for anyone. Please contact us today! Nala would love to meet you!


Nala Vest

Nala Dressed Up

Nala Shake


Rosie is a beautiful, adult English Bulldog mix. Come meet her today!



Duke is a 2-year-old Yellow Lab mix. He is a very good boy ... your typical, loyal Yellow Lab. Call today to meet this sweetheart!

Duke 2

Duke 1

Hank & Gus

Hank and Gus are two beautiful Labs who are looking for a forever home. Hank is 8 and Gus is 6. Both are available for adoption because of an owner surrender due to a divorce. These are two of the sweetest boys who just want your love and want to give love back! They are good with kids, other dogs, and HUMANS! Gus is more laid back, as Hank was a hunting dog and likes his walks. Do you have room in your home for both of them??

Hank and Gus


Bruce, who is a 5-year-old Australian Shepherd/Mastiff mix, was abandoned on the south side of Chicago. His family literally left him behind like an old piece of furniture. It is apparent that he was used as a fighting dog because he bares the scars. But, in spite of where he came from and what has been done to him, he has come out of it with a great temperament! He loves other dogs, kids, and adores women. He's such a nice boy! He is looking for his forever home!





Lieutenant is a very cute hound mix who is looking for a loving home! He turns to butter when you pet his neck! He is very good with obedience: heel, sit, stay, paw, down, leave it, and place commands. He is create trained and house broken and for the most part is happy just having someone near him. He does not jump on new friends that come over and is excited to see new people. He is good with kids and is good on all types of leashes/collars. He is e-collar trained (but only used for recall). Lieutenant loves being on the treadmill either with me or with another dog. He loves to fetch! Lieutenant does have some separation anxiety, and he is anxious or nervous around unfamiliar dogs (but not aggressive). He does get along great with our other dog, but not so much with new or other excited dogs. Lieutenant is looking for his forever home!





Mason and Maddox

Mason (red) and Maddox (black) are King Cavalier and Poodle mixes (Cavapoo) who are looking for a forever home together! They are neutered males who are 5 years old (they were born on Valentine's Day). They are microchipped, cage trained and stay together in the same cage (which you will get when you adopt them). They are healthy, very happy and easy to love, and they love all people and kids! They are hypo allergenic and easily maintained. They love the outdoors ... they have a mission to chase the squirrels in the yard and will also play and wrestle together! The two are litter mates and cannot be separated. They go to bed by 7:30 p.m. and wake up around 8 a.m. ... kinda perfect. Overall they are happy and healthy!




Where do I begin? Green Pup told me Jesse was a special dog, and it was within an hour I knew this to be true. Jesse, who we believe to be around 3 to 4 years old, was rescued from a high kill shelter in Georgia. Jesse is a lover, wanting to be close to his family at all times. If one person leaves, he goes in search of the next to cuddle with. Green Pup provided a cage and to date, he has only had to be in there once when we didn’t know if he could be trusted while out for an extended time. Now, having gotten to know him, I wouldn’t cage him if we were gone for any length of time.

Completely house trained, Jesse will let you know when he is ready to go out. He has a habit of going potty in the bushes, which makes for a beautiful lawn and no worries of stepping in anything!  Walking, Jesse is trained to heel when you ask him and loves his time outside. He loves walks, kids, and is so perfect! He loves to sleep in bed with you, and wants to follow you everywhere you go!

As with all fosters, you wonder: Where did you come from?  What kind of life did you have? Is someone missing you? Knowing Jesse, I can’t imagine that there isn’t someone out there with tears in their eyes having lost one of the best dogs I have ever met.  Jesse not only gives love, he teaches you about love.

Jesse 3

Jesse 4

Jesse 2

Jesse 1

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