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Adult Dogs for Adoption

The following adult dogs are now available for adoption:

Note: The adult dog adoption fee is $300.00. Adult dogs are those aged 1 to 7 years old. This fee helps defer the cost of vaccinations and other medical needs. It also helps with food costs, and supplies.


Sweet Caramel. Such a good boy! Caramel is a little over 2-years-old and is just the sweetest boy! He's friendly, curious, adores being petted, and just loves to give you kisses. He gets along well with other dogs and humans, both big and small. He's a Lab/Terrier mix. Caramel has been waiting a long time for his forever family. Why not contact Green Pup Shelter today and see if you are the perfect family for him?



Caramel New

Caramel Now


What can I say about our adorable Golden Retriever mix Sammy? He is cute as can be! Adorable, lovable, playful, and will make a family an incredible dog! He is around 2 years old, up-to-date on his shots, and will be micro-chipped soon. Since he is heartworm positive, he will begin treatment for that ASAP, which Green Pup will pay for. Heartworm is a very preventable disease if dogs are given a monthly pill and it is non-contagious to other dogs or people, so don't be deterred from adopting this boy. Contact us to meet Sammy!





Bella is something! She's beautiful, sweet, happy to be with you, and so playful with other dogs. She's serene, keeps her cool, full of curiosity. She's been around cats and behaved marvelously. Bella is up-to-date on shots, spayed and micro-chipped. She seems to be potty-trained and will be very easy to train. Come meet her. She's ready for her forever home!





Our beautiful girl Star is a Cattle Dog mix. She's around a year old and said to be friendly and happy. We'd love for you to meet her. Look at her smile! She, like most of our dogs lately, was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Texas. Star is up-to-date on her shots, she's spayed and will soon be micro-chipped.





Ray, a Ray Plott Hound mix, is a happy-go-lucky boy ready for his forever home! He loves to play fetch and gets along very well with other dogs. He needs a home to play in ... how about yours?

Ray Running

Ray Couch

Ray Smile



Bruce, who is a 5-year-old Lab/Australian Shepherd mix was abandoned on the south side of Chicago. His family literally left him behind like an old piece of furniture. It is apparent that he was used as a fighting dog because he bares the scars. But, in spite of where he came from and what has been done to him, he has come out of it with a great temperament! He loves other dogs, kids, and adores women. He's such a nice boy! He is looking for his forever home!




Bruce 4


Lieutenant is a very cute hound mix who is looking for a loving home! He turns to butter when you pet his neck! He is very good with obedience: heel, sit, stay, paw, down, leave it, and place commands. He is create trained and housebroken and for the most part is happy just having someone near him. He does not jump on new friends that come over and is excited to see new people. He is good with kids and is good on all types of leashes/collars. He is e-collar trained (but only used for recall). Lieutenant loves being on the treadmill either with me or with another dog. He loves to fetch! Lieutenant does have some separation anxiety, and he is anxious or nervous around unfamiliar dogs (but not aggressive). Lieutenant should go to a home where he is the only dog. Lieutenant is looking for his forever home!

Lieutenant 4





Caramel 2

Caramel, who is around 2 years old and about 18 pounds, is a real cutie! He was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Texas and will soon be arriving in the Chicago area. As to breed, that is a complete guess. He's on the smaller side, so he could be a Chihuahua mix with maybe some kind of terrier, maybe even some Lab. All we know is that he is way too cute!

Caramel 2


Shira is a beautiful Lab / Collie mix. She has quite the sad story. She’s from Georgia and a while ago she lost her home to a fire. None of her humans were hurt, but her furry friend perished in the fire. The family had to move into an apartment that does not allow dogs, so she was taken to a high-kill shelter (pretty much the only kind in the area where she was). She was there for 4 months and just before her time was up, the shelter staff begged this nice lady, who does rescue there, to take her. And that’s how she was saved. She is in Georgia at this lady’s home, but she is looking for a permanent home. When she lived with her family, she had a young human boy she played with, so a new home with children would be so wonderful for her. Shira is about 2 years old, housebroken, spayed, up-to-date on shots and just the sweetest, most loving dog. After the fire, though, she has become deathly afraid of water. Won’t you consider giving her a new, wonderful, loving home?





This is Gus, a Chow / Shepherd / Retriever mix. He's around 4 years old and a bit overweight - now on a diet. He came to us from Texas and is in boarding. We would love to find him a forever home, but if that is not possible, a foster home would be a great start. He is dog-selective so it would be better to be the only animal in the home or to have a meet-and-greet with the resident dog ahead of time. He is neutered and up-to-date on his shots. He's wonderful with humans and just wants to be loved. It broke my heart to have to leave him in boarding. As I was driving away, I saw him looking after my car as he whined. Will you please give this big, beautiful boy a chance?




Scrappy is a sweet boy that joined us from Texas. He's about a year old or a little younger. He's good with other dogs, adults and children. He is quiet, good-natured, friendly, and goofy-looking. He's looking for a forever home and is ready to go. Scrappy is up-to-date on shots, dewormed, and neutered. Please fill out an adoption application for this little guy! You won't regret it. His Texas foster almost kept him and his Illinois foster would if she had any more room. You can't go wrong with this boy!






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